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Default Re: dissociative disorders check in thread #3

I have stopped taking two coffees a day and I seem to be able to fall asleep sooner. So that is good. I am having big changes in my mood from day to day. Some days I am ok with my life but other days I am in a deep struggle to find the right path. I want to see my grandsons. My son is not talking to me. His ex wife can't go against my son's wishes. I feel like getting in my car and driving home and seeing my grandsons regardless of what anyone wants. But I am not sure that is good for my grandsons. WHAT DO I DO?????????????? I don't have anyone to ask for help. So these thoughts roll around in my brain over and over and over again. AAAAAHHHHHHHH. I just want to see my grandsons. why is that so difficult.
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