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Default Re: dissociative disorders check in thread #3

Iím so tired of this.

The triggers that happen and I loose myself in my own devises.

People make bad choices and poor decisions. They are silent as they gather themselves up and try to come to terms with what they did.

All is well right now but Iím hanging on and holding my breathe waiting for it to happen again.

Does it end? Does it finally get too much to deal with?

I lost time last Friday and bad things happened. It was too much and I went away.

Itís taken very much for me to try and feel like myself again.

I donít know what to do with this.

Heís being good and making good choices for now.

Do I trust it and him?

I want to but I canít.

Iíve found an Alanon group close and Iím going next Thursday night. Itís a promise to myself.

I have to say this.

His is anger and mine is numbness.

Is there a difference besides the safety of it for me?

I think itís a good place for me to be next Thursday.
"What is denied, cannot be healed." - Brennan Manning

"Hope knows that if great trials are avoided, great deeds remain undone and the possibility of growth into greatness of soul is aborted." - Brennan Manning
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