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Default Re: Calling on the men of PCF

Originally Posted by ArchieAus View Post
So this men only area is pretty dead . Not much happens here . Why's that do you reckon .
I'm sure I'll get hammered for saying this , but in the General rooms you sort of get the feeling that the deluded males opinion is tolerated as long as they don't say anything peceived to be out of line . Now I don't have an issue , just thought this might get some discussion going . Are females better equipped and better masters of the internet than males . Or is it that this section is so far down the page that no one can be bothered to scroll this far ?
Are males less likely to seek another males advise ? Maybe try a fishing forum if I'm after healthy male debate do I hear you say ? [emoji23]
Umm OK. I prefer talking to men because there's no sexual tension. But to continue enjoying this beautiful forum I will check out the "men's" section, but only after your help in bringing the issue to light.
Have a fantastic day[emoji1]
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