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Default Re: Healthy Parenting Resources

Postmodernism @RationalWiki

It's different from reading HuffPost articles, isn't it?

I don't understand the half of it at this point but I get the general ideas. For the lack of a better word, I say I go with my guts and think some stuff on this notion of things being postmodernism (left)... I don't know, man, I'm indirectly sceptical and critical on people in general, please use your own rational judgments when you think of the stories that I'll be telling you here.

The first story comes from this vague memory I have about this thyroid doctor from England, she does orthomolecular medicine too, and she got her medical licence suspended. The psychopathology of mental illnesses are unknown, I don't remember reading this doctor harming anyone, so the medically and politically opposing parties may have been taught bad philosophy of science during their careers, it may very well have been the case of good ole medical community political conflicts.

I strongly believe that Bio-psychiatry is a folk science, so my feeling is like wtf?? I suspect a slight postmodernism line of thought from this incident. The last time I heard about the doctor, her licence was reinstated. I think we could find postmodernism anywhere if we look into things deep enough.

On an additional note, think of someone talking about 'Mental Health Inc.', and someone immediately jumps on and tells "It doesn't exist!". Back and forth like this is again, I suspect it roots back to something in the postmodern era. It's incorrect on multiple levels, the substance of a claim, metaphor or analogy must be weighed and analyzed carefully before it gets tossed out, I ask of you parents, please don't corrupt the young minds, I know I could be charged with the same crime though.

Presumption of innocence
ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat (the burden of proof is on the one who declares, not on one who denies)

I know this is unrelated to postmodernism but the concept is very important to me since Japanese Justice system completely disregards this. Some Western visitors to my country have been naughty when they claim racism, and the country has been attractive to left wing nuts for some reasons. (It was a French woman, lol.) Please, heed my warning from previous post about my country of origin.

We exist in different epistemological paradigms, ****pants!
—SMBC Theater
So, without being too pedagogical and stuff, we understand that this new paradigm of epistemology has something to do with this whole topic called postmodernism, it's about "How do you know what you claim to know?". At the same time, life necessitates that we presume certain things. You got the toughest job, not because the kids of yours are difficult but the environment, the various value systems are presumed and we are living in it. If I were a parent(), my kids won't be playing with monism kids, because our reality and the way it's been set up is predicated upon the condition of people believing in this external world, this is the moment I'd go, "I'd do anything, I mean ANYTHING to protect my kid.".

The second story is a little example in the form of hypothetical conversation.

Lady A: "I always fall for an unavailable man. What should I do?"
Lady B: "Leave him at once, he's unfaithful, he will one day leave you. "

If I were to truly support the Lady A from mental health perspective, I would point out and correct her illogical way she understands,,,l-o-v-e, sorry for saying this but it's just s-l-u-t, I would teach my kids about this, ykwis? I would begin by teaching types of love that they can explore,,, I'm thinking about 'story telling' bonding time, there were no tradition like that when I was little.

Anyways, the fake conversation was a result of a confused thinking at the time of the question being asked, and the misuse of relationship concept between man and woman. I shan't say no more.

Fashionable Nonsense: Postmodern Intellectuals' Abuse of Science @wikipedia

So, to conclude this messy post, it feels all post-blah-blah-blah, and it's not all bad. I just want the readers to know the real science matters, I'd like to keep my memory in the brain to be in a good shape, reading stuff like these forces us to theorize better tomorrow and forever.
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