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Default Re: How can I feel more confident?

Originally Posted by Vilatus View Post
Hi everyone, I'm not sure if this is technically right for this subforum, but this is the closest I can find...

I've struggled with my appearance all my life, and while CBT has helped this along with my depression and anxiety, but I still struggle daily. I don't mind my body so much, it looks ok. I really do not lile my face at all though. I feel like it's way too androgynous, my eyebrows are too thick, and my nose is a little too big. I just feel like it makes me look manly and ugly. Makeup helps, obviously, but I can't really just change the shape of my face obviously. How can I feel more confident about myself??? Everybody says I look nice but I feel disgusting.
If you don't have BDD, what the others suggested may help. If you do, it may not. I think the key question is whether you really feel you look disgusting when everyone else perceives your face as normal. If you have BDD, the more time you spend worrying about your face, the worse you'll get.

Bddfoundation has a lot of useful information on the subject. While BDD and OCD have many similarities, such as compulsive mirror checking or door lock checking as a means to reduce anxiety, people with OCD typically know the door is probably locked, whereas people with BDD are usually convinced they really look ugly.

I hope this helps, and most importantly, that you'll feel better about yourself soon!
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