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Originally Posted by Maxamus View Post
I'm having a very hard time accepting the emotions I am feeling about my youngest child.Someone please help me.
Keep in mind the fundamental idea of 'awfulizing' that is the used in 'rational emotive psychology and therapy'. It's about when you exaggerate your condition. You say it's terrible, awful, and I can't stand it. And that's irrational. What is rational is that your condition is quite unpleasant and inconvenient but not something you can't stand. Don't we all have sometimes very unpleasant experiences in life? You're no different. It will pass. Until then do what you can to lessen it's effect. Don't sacrifice your own life for one that is beyond your control.

When you start feeling upset stop and say to yourself 'don't exaggerate and awfulize this thing.' Yes it's bad but the only way it can damage my life is when I believe things that are untrue because they are exaggerated. Lot's of books on Rational Emotive Thinking. 'Guide to Rational Living' Albert Ellis or Feeling Good by Burns.
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