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Default Re: Healthy Parenting Resources

"Neil deGrasse Tyson Destroys Bill O' Reilly!"

I want to see more Dawkins. He speaks truth @21:52 by saying,
There's an attitude in the culture that says that everybody's entitled to their opinion, you got to respect their opinion... No you damn well haven't got to respect their opinion!
Dr.Peterson says the exact same thing. He used to be an atheist, I wish he were a little more nicer to new atheists, they are pretty cool in my opinion. Religious people can be overbearing, the bad moral attitude usually comes from them and not from atheists. The burden of proof falls on the person who makes a claim for an existence of certain things, empirical science is not that radical, I dislike the disrespectable theists on this planet.

Richard Dawkins on Canning Bill O’Reilly
Question: Are our debates over ‘big’ issues effective?

Richard Dawkins: Well, some of them are. I mean, if they're debates between two intelligent and educated people, they are conducted effectively. But if they're conducted between an intelligent, educated person on the one hand and Bill O'Reilly on the other, they're probably not, no.

Question: How could we better our public discussions?

Richard Dawkins: Perhaps have more intelligent people as television interviewers, rather than people like Bill O'Reilly, for a start. That might not be great for ratings, I suppose, but perhaps we should become less influenced by ratings.

Recorded on: October 21, 2009. Interviewed by Paul Hoffman.
My research indicates that the America wasn't founded on this Christian theology idea, I've spent quite lots of time on the history of Pledge of Allegiance, so I know stuff. This would be the point of this post, IF you're kind of a person who disrespects human intelligence and the scientific development of mankind.

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