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Default Re: Healthy Parenting Resources

Dr Jordan B Peterson | *full-length* 2015 interview by Transliminal
61: Jordan B. Peterson finally asked about the Catholic Faith by

I still haven't watched Cathy Newman interview so I will be watching the second video some time later. I'm not a big science fan, I didn't mind learning the basic elementary science stuff at school though. I don't agree with 'half the scientists should be women' idea from the video in the last post, there are big character traits differences between men and women, that's what research suggests and the opinion was thrown by the Hollywood type, encouraging or discouraging particular subjects because of gender seems a bit irrational. Truth or ideas serves us in any case, it's an existential disposition of perceiving the world, and of course there are jobs to make and orient our 'self', and there's a work of aligning in the process of making a progress.

Every parents raise their kids evolutionarily and psychologically, I know I couldn't do it even if I wanted to. The usual notion of 'goal-oriented' habit/routine was never taught to me, "I'm earning this much, so you should be able to as well, with better education that I am paying for you.", this was my parents attitude now I think back on it. I did good at school and they ruined it so perfectly... For this reason, I can relate to students of the East with suicidal thoughts, but I'm not saying the 'empathy' works as scientific truth, doing things that doesn't work for people in real crisis is what the postmodern neo-Marxist type does best.

I can live with doubt and uncertainty and not knowing. I think it is much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers that might be wrong. If we will only allow that, as we progress, we remain unsure, we will leave opportunities for alternatives. We will not become enthusiastic for the fact, the knowledge, the absolute truth of the day, but remain always uncertain In order to make progress, one must leave the door to the unknown ajar.

― Richard Feynman
Our 'consciousness' is unknown, it's an indefinable term and if we ask the function of it, I feel that it's already derailed by 'the search for meanings'. To be continued.
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