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My addictions are real.
I admit I am an alcoholic. This took a long time to admit to myself and and some of my close family members.
I have an internet addiction. I spend hours on here and other forums, face book, email, etc. have neglected my yard which is in shambles. I walked into the back yard, had not been and discovered what it looked like. It is a dust bowl. all of the grass is dead. We will hire someone to till it up and put down dirt and sod and then we will water the shiet out of it. I use to love working in the yard but got very lazy and resentful that my husband did not help so stopped doing yard work. I believe that the extra zyprexa has opened my eyes to my addictions. Have been more thoughtful. I have neglected my responsibilities .....I have had bouts of hypomania.
Now to just prioritize what needs to get done on the house, first thing is getting the foundation fixed. The new mailbox is nice.
so maybe today we can come up with a list of things that we would like to do. We are finalizing the closing of our new line of credit to do the repairs/remodeling. It will be cheaper to remodel than buy a new house.

have a great day!
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Tarte cherry, boswallia.
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