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I have made it 10 days Alcohol free.
It has been a struggle coming home from working to not stop by and have a beer or two. But I tell myself as I drive by the whole foods that has a bar with delicious dark fattening beers....
"That is how I put on 45 pounds in 2 years".
I have lost a solid 11 pounds since 11-15-17.
It is coming off slowly.
Frustrated so I said what the heck and split a muffelleto sandwich with my husband, delicious if you like olives!
BP 1

Geodon 80mg twice a day
Lamictal 200mg twice a day
5mg of zyprexa to sleep
3mg of prolonged release melatonin at night
3mg of quick acting melatonin at night
magnesium oxide 1250mg, probiotic, turmeric 3 a day,
vit d3, 5,000units, calcium 650mg, vit c 1000mg,
fish oils 1000mg ,co-q10 100mg, multi-vitamin and mineral,
Tarte cherry, boswallia.
doxycyclin for rosacea

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