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Default Re: BPD mixed with which knows what (please help)

Originally Posted by Atypical_Disaster View Post
Well I'll be honest with you, the daydreaming of admiration and obsession with appearance are symptoms I've never had. My symptom cluster went in a different direction. Usually though, narcissists aren't obsessed with their physical appearance in and of itself, they care about it in relation to how they appear to other people. It's a lot more complex than simple vanity.

Oversharing about yourself can be seen in many personality disorders, and I'll also say that while I'm no expert I've personally observed that narcissists tend to be private people. They avoid personal questions like the plague, lol. Even if they appear to talk about themselves all the time, it's not what it appears.

I don't hate people very often and when I do it doesn't last long, I'm indifferent to them. There is a difference. That said, I can only speak for myself and I'll be the first to say that I'm not a classic case of NPD.

Oh yeah for me itís not random, I care about how others will perceive my appearance. I donít wanna appear fat, awkward or strange or I end up with horrible social anxiety.

Yeah I know oversharing can be part of HPD. I heard that it can be so similar to BPD that itís considered to be the same disorder by some. But I look to NPD due to my aggressive need for validation and attention and entitlement and occasional grandiosity.

Hmm. I donít hate people often either but sometimes when my I think about it or my anger is set off, I find myself wanting the world to end and being grossed by humans. Other times I find this specific anger right under the surface where I donít even have to be angry initially.

Yeah I noticed my symptoms too, all of them, seem to reflect the idea or concept of a disorder instead of follow them textbook or if they are textbook, itís only to a small degree. Like for example Iíve been diagnosed with GAD but the symptom checklist doesnít really fit me much yet Iím anxious as ****, itís pretty much who I am. Thatís the issue with MIís, itís super hard to shove a human being inside of a box because weíre too complex.

Iím curious however, if you are willing, what are your other Narc symptoms if you mind sharing? Either way I appreciate the help.
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