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Default Off of Trintellix I have some questions

Hey guys! I haven't been posting much, because my MDD seems to be under control. Here's my situation.

I was involved in a clinical study in Orange County where they were studying whether Trintellix could keep MDD from returning. The study was a year long and now it is over. It's a double blind which means the researchers don't know what you're getting and neither do you. You could get 5, 10, or 20 mgs. or a placebo. Well I know my body and I know I wasn't on a placebo.

During the study, I was really constipated and that's never a problem with me. in the 2 weeks since the study ended, bowels are slowly returning to normal. Since the study ended, I'm easily agitated and I also have this weird, faint whooshing sensation behind my eyes. It's been 2 weeks, so it's fading, but its there. It reminds me of getting off of Effexor, only not nearly as bad. Getting off Effexor was a nightmare for me.

Here's another odd side effect, my attention span is not as good as it was on the med. It's harder for me to get to sleep too because my thoughts don't settle down like they did on the medication. I am in grad school right now, so I am motivated and can feel happiness and joy. But my impulse control when it comes to irritation with other people and traffic is low.

The study DR. gave me a scrip for prozac, but I haven't filled it because I want to be med free. I am practicing some meditation and doing some body weight exercises when I get the chance. Overall there are things that can be better, but I'm feeling positive about life right now. I do take vegan omegas and a multivitamin for brain health.

Do you guys have any wisdom on whether the scatter-brained thing and irritation will eventually subside? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks
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