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Default Re: Effects of personality traits

I took the test just before i had my psychosis and got a infj (Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging). I googled who might else have been and one weird prediction was that my favorite author was probably an infj. Goethe, he's been dead since the 1830's though. So i'm not certain how they came up with that answer but I found that interesting. It makes sense that I'd connect with an author who had the same personality if you think about it. It's apparently the rarest personality type in the Meyers Briggs test. I reflected if it had anything to do with my break down...

I don't think I would have such a rare one these days. The infj is supposedly the rarest one but since my emotions have declined, "feeling" in the infj has all but vanished. I do find that intuition is an important factor and intuition is yoked to wisdom naturally, Plato wrote. Me being a philosopher, i have that "dawning" moment quite a bit when i connect ideas, and beg the question. It's that Eureka moment people get. The reason why i thought my infj type might have something to do with my psychosis is because the intuition was what is corrupted in a delusion.

My introversion had me repress and hide my psychosis from everyone until it exploded on the scene because it was either sui or let it out and tell people to stop by going to the police. Cause a major ruckus, but it was probably the best way to go about it other than yelling at people and accusing them. However, the authorities took me seriously, because, as a philosopher, i can write a persuasive (and truthful) argument. I had a lot of dots to report, i just connected them very... abstractly because i was delusional asf. It's hypocritical if you ask me when you get a bunch of ethics professors together and decide to shun you for something you have no rational control over. Kant makes an argument that says that if you're not in the intelligible realm then morals can't apply to you. It's only an argument by Kant though, He's only the culmination of the Enlightenment. :P
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