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Default Re: Saw a Nutritionists

Originally Posted by ShaggyChic_1201 View Post

That seems like an extremely restrictive diet. I don't think you failed at this; I think this was a bad diet for anyone with an ED. I'm sorry!

I see a nutritionist too, but we don't go through a meal plan. We mostly talk about how to handle specific food-related situations and what goals I have for the month.

I hired someone else and this is now my meal plan:

Therapeutic food: Apple Cider vinegar (1tbs before every meal), 2.3L H2O during the day. No water during meals. Sit down on every meal and chew foods at least 20-30 times before swallow - @ 1600cal/day.

Concentrated Protein
Serving size: 3-6 oz. cooked, or as indicated.

Meat, poultry and fish should be grilled, baked or roasted; fish can also be poached. Keep cheese intake low due to saturated fat. (1 serving = approximately 150 calories)

- Eggs, 2 whole, or 3 egg whites plus 1 whole egg
- Egg substitute, 2/3 cup
- Fish, shellfish, 3 oz. fresh or 3/4 cup canned in water
- Poultry: chicken or Cornish hen (breast only), turkey
- Leg of lamb, lean roast
- Beef, very lean
- Tofu, 8 oz. or 1 cup (fresh), or 3.5 oz. cube (baked)
- Tempeh, 3 oz. or 1/2 cup
- Soy or veggie burger, 4 oz.
- Cottage cheese, nonfat or lowfat, 3/4 cup -Ricotta, part skim or nonfat, 1/2 cup -Mozzarella, part skim or nonfat, 2 oz. Or 1/2 cup shredded
- Parmesan cheese (grated), 4 tblsp. -TVP (soy protein concentrate), 2/3 cup
Portions per day: 5

Serving size: 1/2 cup cooked, or as indicated (1 serving = approximately 110 calories)
- Beans - garbanzo, pinto, kidney, black,lima, cannellini, navy, mung beans, fat-free refried, green soy beans
- Bean soups, 3/4 cup
- Hummus, 1/4 cup
- Split peas, sweet green peas, lentils
Portions per day: 2

Serving size: 6 oz., or as indicated (1 serving = approximately 80 calories)
- Buttermilk -Fat-free yogurt, plain
- Lowfat yogurt, plain, 4 oz.
- Nonfat, 1%, or 2% milk, Soy milk, plain
Portions per day: 1

Nuts and Seeds
Serving size as indicated
(1 serving = approximately 100 calories)
- Almonds or hazelnuts, 10-12 whole nuts
- Walnut or pecan halves, 7-8
- Peanuts, 18 nuts or 2 tbsp.
- Pistachios, sunflower, pumpkin, or sesame seeds, 2 tbsp.
- Nut butter, 1 tbsp. made from above nuts
Portions per day: 1

Category 1 Vegetables
Serving size: size: 1/2 cup - servings unlimited Fresh juices made from these are allowed (1 serving = approximately 10-25 calories)
- Artichokes -Asparagus -Bamboo shoots
- Bean sprouts -Bell or other peppers
- Broccoli, Broccoflower -Brussels sprouts
- Cabbage (all types) -Cauliflower -Celery
- Chives, onion, leeks, garlic -Cucumber,
- Dill pickles -Eggplant -Green Beans
- Greens: bok choy, escarole, Swiss chard, kale, collard greens, spinach, dandelion, mustard, or beet greens
- Lettuce/Mixed greens: romaine, red and green leaf, endive, spinach, arugula, radicchio, watercress, chicory
- Mushrooms -Okra -Radishes
- Salsa (sugar-free) -Sea vegetables (kelp, etc.) -Snow peas -Sprouts
- Tomatoes or mixed vegetable juice
- Water chestnuts, 5 whole
- Zucchini, yellow, summer, or spaghetti squash
Portions per day:
Minimum 3-4

Category 2 Vegetables
Serving size: 1/2 cup, or as indicated (1 serving = approximately 45 calories)

- Beets, winter squash, such as acorn or butter nut squash
- Carrots, 1/2 cup cooked or 2 medium raw or 12 baby carrots
- Sweet potatos or yams, 1/2 medium baked
- Yukon Gold Potato, 1/2 medium
Portions per day: 1

Serving size as indicated
(1 serving = approximately 80 calories)
- Apple, 1 medium -Apricots, 3 medium
- Berries: blackberries & blueberries, 1 cup; rasberries & strawberries, 1 1/2 cups
- Cantaloupe, 1/2 medium -Cherries, 15
- Fresh figs, 2 -Grapefruit, 1 whole
- Grapes, 15 -Honeydew melon, 1/4 small
- Mango, 1/2 medium -Nectarines, 2 small
- Orange, 1 large -Peaches, 2 small
- Pear, 1 medium -Plums, 2 small
- Tangerines, 2 small -Watermelon, 2 cups
Portions per day: 2

Serving size: 1/2 cup cooked, or as indicated (1 serving = approximately 75-100 calories)

- Amaranth, teff, or quinoa
- Basmati or other brown rice, wild rice
- Barley, buckwheat groats, or millet
- Bulgur (cracked wheat)
- Whole oats, raw, 1/3 cup; cooked oatmeal 3/4 cup
- Whole wheat, spelt, or kamut berries -100% whole wheat, spelt, or kamut pasta
- Whole grain rye crackers, 3 each
- Bread: mixed whole grain or 100% whole rye, 1 slice
- Whole wheat tortilla or pita, 1/2 -Low-carb tortillas, 2 small or 1 large Portions per day: 1

Serving size: 1sp. or as indicated
Oils should be cold pressed
(1 serving = approximately 40 calories)

- Avocado, 1/8
- Flaxseed oil (refrigerate) -Walnut oil
- Extra virgin olive oil (preferable) & canola oil for cooking
- Mayonnaise (from canola oil)
- Olives, 8-10 medium
Portions per day 4
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