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Originally Posted by s4ndm4n2006 View Post
I'm not sure if you see this but you say you really like someone as a person yet the names you call him call to question what it is you may like about this person? Not only that, the words you use to describe him don't sound much like you have respect for them, calling them homophobic and white supremacist - both derogatory terms.

I'm not judging here, just stating how you stated what you did says more about how you feel than you let on.

You state you like to debate and tout how you have many friends with differering opinions and values. You point out that you are unapologetic but don't shove things down people's throats which kind of seems contradictory too. But my point is, seems to me you're drawn to people with opposing values and ideologies and I wonder if one thing you enjoy a lot is actually the conflict of ideas and debate.

I personally would seek out more people that you at least agree with on major issues and form friendships that way.

The answer for me is, yes, you can have friends with differing opinions and thoughts but it is typically more of a challenge than with people that you agree with a larger portion of ideas with.
Homophobic white supremacist. You're right. He called homosexual people a slur that I refuse to type here. He identified himself as a nazi/aryan. So yes, those are technically MY words, but compared to his I would say they are the same.

Unapologetic = I will not apologize for having views that others don't agree with as they are my own. Don't shove down throats = I don't use every opportunity to tell you what my views are. My facebook feed is not filled with them. I don't bring them up at every conversation. So yes, you can be unapologetic about your views while still not shoving them down peoples throats.

As for enjoying opposing views? Yes, sometimes I do. I want to learn about why other people think the way they do. I was once very conservative and Christian. I'm now liberal and agnostic because I opened my mind to the world and it changed my point of view.

That's why I posted this question. I am forever trying to expand my mind and look at things from different points of view. On that note, thank you for all the opinions. :-)
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