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Default looking for diagnostic manuals that contain Poly Fragmented DID

frequently on the boards a dissociative disorder comes up called Poly Fragmented DID.

I am curious about this disorder and would like the official diagnostic manual that this appears in. to be clear Im not looking for blogs, twitter, facebook ectera pages...

I am looking for actual diagnostic manuals (example DSM 5, ICD10, ...) where this appears and what the actual diagnostic manual information on this disorder is,

reason I am interested in finding actual diagnostic manuals with this information is because here in america we do not have this disorder...

our dissociative disorders here in america are...

Dissociative Amnesia
Depersonalization / Derealization Disorder
Other Specified Dissociative Disorders
Unspecified Dissociative Disorders

none of which include anything close to something like Poly Fragmented DID that I read about on the boards.

I am very interested in learning about this poly fragmented DID from the actual diagnostic manuals not just any website... diagnostic manuals include more information than general websites that any one can make.

I googled and find all kinds of ....opinions..... of what this disorder is but in following actual DSM back through the years and then some to DID's beginnings here in america i cant find any actual diagnostic manuals that contain the official diagnostic manual information on this disorder.

Im thinking maybe there are other mental health diagnostic manuals than the DSM 5 and ICD10 that may have what they do not...

Has anyone ever researched this Poly Fragmented DID to the point of actually finding an actual official diagnostic manual that goes in depth about this?

if so I would really like the information on how to find the the diagnostic manual so that I can learn about this disorder through the diagnostic manuals.
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