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Default Re: looking for diagnostic manuals that contain Poly Fragmented DID

Good luck, I bet you wonít find it. I find it more as a descriptor in describing oneís system. I used the wording myself in describing my inner world.

What is itís intended purpose? It depends on the user, I guess.

Sometimes I find us using it in such a manner of ďlife was so bad, we had it really REALLY hardĒ as a trophy making us the worst of the worst thus resulting in our present state of multipleness. I try deleting those posts when I find them, so immature and very childish full of pride and craving sympathy (sick).

Sometimes itís just used as a lazy way to describe the nature of our mental defect....a fragment producing brain- so donít ask for names- too many and too hard to care to remember: leave it at that.

This would be my take on it. Also would be interesting to read other peoples views and perspectives on it to see if they in some way parallel mine, spoken or unspoken.

As a diagnosis...donít see it.
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