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Originally Posted by unaluna View Post
Buffy, thanks for starting the new thread! I was just letting everybody know what was going on, is all.

I think a lot of us are Stage 1 hoarders, where we can still get in the door, sleep in our beds, cook, use the bathroom, and stuff isnt piled quite to the ceiling, but we arent having much company, for example. At least i think thats stage 1. Maybe its 2.

I got apartment maintenance men coming in next month, so that will mean spring clean up for me.
Hoarding runs in my family. But one of my sister house is really bad up to the ceiling as bad as the TV show of hoarder I want to make sure that I don't get that bad. This summer I am supposed to clean out the storage building it going to be hard to get rid of my clothes. But I am going to try to get rid of clothes that are still good that are not special to me.
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