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Default Re: looking for diagnostic manuals that contain Poly Fragmented DID

Originally Posted by amandalouise View Post
no it wont change what others do... I can only control myself not what others say and do, but it.... will ......put to rest the many questions and thoughts that I have every time I encounter someone that is mis-using it as a diagnosis.

its kind of like that bit of a made up song that gets stuck in your head and then you end up spending the day having thoughts about what the heck is that song...

I dont stay stuck I get proactive.

Im a dissociative and here is a possible dissociative disorder that apparently many on various mental health forums across the internet have told me that I know nothing about and to educate myself about it. so why not take up that challenge. (there are worse challenges out there on the internet right now.)

its not hurting me to do this researching and its not taking up any time that I need to focus elsewhere, a few phone calls each morning or night and emails/ faxing the same letter of inquiry to various addresses. Takes all of about an hour of my time each day and its not hurting others in my life that I have chosen to do a research of whether or not Poly Fragmented DID is a disorder somewhere in the world. My family is well equipped to handle two parents that from time to time do research projects, work and such.

Other than my wife complaining about the phone bill next month, I see nothing wrong with the fact that I have chosen a research project. Who knows what I find out through this process may end up being used in the future for gosh knows what.

we all know about the DSM10 and the ICD, but how many of us actually knew there was a Chinese manual or a Cuban one or a Latin American one and... well you get the picture. this is totally new to me that all these other diagnostic manuals existed.

update on manuals....
the GLADP and the GC-3 both on occasion used with the ICD, do not contain any mental disorder called PolyFragmented DID (PFDID)

so far this search has gone through all 50 USA states, and 86 countries of the world. most of which use either the DSM5 or the ICD10.
re-reading my post I found a funny typo where it says "DSM10 and ICD, " that was supposed to be we all know about the DSM5 and the ICD10,....

Update... when I checked my emails last night there were some more replies to my inquiries, all of which use the DSM5 or the ICD10 separate or together and do not have a this name.
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