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Default Re: looking for diagnostic manuals that contain Poly Fragmented DID

update on my research project....

out of 177 American embassy's around the world I have heard from a total of 163....

in each of these various countries there is no............disorder....... called PFDID (Poly Fragmented DID)

out of all of these there are just over 100 that use the term "polyfragmented"
as a ..............therapy assessment tool as in...

tracking how many alters a person has with various mental disorders not just DID but also including DID

level of importance of the alters as in which alters came from whom

which alters are more affected then others and need to be focused on first for stabilization.

types of alters as in whether the alters are dissociative, introjects, EP, ANP,

there are about 50 countries that renamed poly fragmented assessment tool to being structural dissociation therapy model and sometimes called Tertiary Structural Dissociation therapy model or secondary structural dissociation therapy models.

to be clear these are.......not..... disorders. they are therapy models/ assessment tools... just like CBT is a therapy technique / therapy model and DBT is a therapy technique/ therapy model.

Of these 163 American Embassy's around the world about 10-20 of them reported back to me that they sometimes do let their clients believe there is a ....disorder.... called PFDID. it works in their favor of validity of the assessments due to there is other info not found on the internet. in other words they are aware that some of their clients have taken the therapy model and turned it around to meaning a disorder and they use this to their's and their clients treatment advantages. In other words if the client is afraid of the DID diagnosis but not afraid of the wording poly fragmented, they use the term poly fragmented as an ice breaker. if some of their clients want to believe its a ......disorder.... and are following not fighting treatment plans whats it hurting......

(this last one I felt was a bit deceptive and misleading in my opinion, kind of angered me, but what can you do right, if I was those clients I would not want my treatment providers to agree i have a non existent ......disorder....... just to get my compliance with treatment options.)

and that ends this research project. Thank you all for tolerating my need to know and researching this avenue.

by the way if there are any out there doing their field training, writing their dissertations, thesis, and essays for publication requirements this would be a great one to do it on, there is a wealth of information on the .... therapy model / assessment tool.........on the internet., google also has a list of embassy's around the world that you can find to make your own inquiries to.
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