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Default Is It My Perception

Is It My Perception

One day I walked into a sunny room
Full of people just chattering away
Minding my manners, I said
“good morning all”
Not one response… just blank stares on their face
I thought “whatever”
as I searched for a seat
I could feel disgruntled judgmental
eyes watching me

Some sizing me up
Some sizing me down
As I walked to my seat
I felt like…
I was walking the green mile
As soon as I sat down
They began to whisper and moan
I could hear the sarcastic giggles
And contempt in their groans

The motivational lecturer
came in and began to speak
The whole time he spoke he stared right at me
His pitch was high his words were taunting
he spoke about “bad vibes” and how
Some people are just haunting
As he closed he added
“So be aware of the company you keep”
The room stood up and clapped
Never taking their eyes off me

I just sat there feeling confused
As the happy people left
What was now a gloomy room
it was no longer sunny
because I had walked in
With my spirit of self-doom
I should have hidden
But I didn’t
I’m so sorry …

The end.
I haven't given up...I'm just letting go.
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