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Default Re: looking for diagnostic manuals that contain Poly Fragmented DID

Originally Posted by dlantern View Post
I'm glad I saw this because I heard something on the radio a few months back with wide spread changes in the DSM again!!........
the dsm isnt due for another complete wide spread changes for about 10-15 years. but they are working on it. just like the present DSM5 was in the works for over 14 years before it was actually completed.

in short what happens is the new one comes out then the APA gets feedback and surveys done and opens discussions on how and what is confusing of the present one and how to make it better for the next update. then they go through with writing the proposals of what they want to make changes to. right now the proposals are addressing the ICD10 and where it doesnt quite match the DSM5, proposed changes to categories like hallucinations, adjustment disorders and other trauma and stress related disorders.

Dissociative disorders is .......not at the moment...... being looked at for this process of making changes to or adding to or removing from the dsm.

you can read more about this process on the DSM5 at the american psychatric associations website.
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