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Default Re: looking for diagnostic manuals that contain Poly Fragmented DID

Originally Posted by dlantern View Post
I'm glad I saw this because I heard something on the radio a few months back with wide spread changes in the DSM again!!........
just thought of a question related to this.... do you mean there was something on the radio about whats called Supplemental Updating...

if so this is not a wide spread (whole book) changes. every so often the American Psychiatric Association puts out a short Supplemental Update on their website that only treatment providers have access to. These updates are in proposal form where they list the update then its open for comments, so that people can talk about that .........proposed ........ change. the comments area is open only for a very short time. sometimes these ......proposed ...... changes are authorized to be put in use right away, other times the proposal says not to use that proposed change right away, that its still being looked into.

sometimes after the comments time has expired the listing of Supplemental Update proposals go public, people who find them assume they are making a new DSM book that is going to take away this diagnosis or change that and guess what we got a new DSM book coming out soon rumors. the radio picks up on these and does a story on them.

from my understanding the Supplemental Updates happen every few months to keep the DSM5 up to date

think of it like your computer or laptop.. windows does updates to keep your computer and laptop functioning the way it should.

the DSM5 gets its updating every few months on this or that mental disorder, wording, definitions, coding and so on.

my opinion is that this updating system they have helps also in the way intended or unintended I have no idea but it has been known to happen to friends and family... helps treatment providers to know when someone is researching and when someone isnt. they may find something online that has been removed in the latest update. or they dont know about this or that proposed additional defining thing...let me tell you it caused quite a problem for one of my siblings that was trying to use online wording instead of their own recently and saying something happened to them that was not. this sibling got diagnosed with something they were not intending to get diagnosed with.

anyway Im heading off topic... the DSM5 wont have its whole book changes for about 10-15 years (publication wise) but it does go through periodic supplemental proposal updating process that is not usually accessible to just anyone until after a certain time period. then it seems like everyone comes out of the woodwork to discuss the proposals including radio and news outlets.

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