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Originally Posted by wildflowerchild25 View Post
My experience with DBT is that they choose not to acknowledge psychosis and prefer to believe everything can be solved by changing your thinking. I think DBT definitely has a place in bipolar treatment but itís not the end all and be all that advocates say it is. I harmed myself severely while in a dbt program and they dismissed me for attention seeking. I was hospitalized with mixed episode psychosis a couple of weeks later. I could have avoided the psychosis part if they had taken me seriously.

I wonít return to that program. And I refuse to be placed in any solely dbt based program. I just wonít go.
I must agree with the above in many ways. Though I do see value in some DBT skills, for anyone, sometimes it's not the right place for manic or mixed manic people. Even with depression, it had only limited value for me.

My area has a co-ed IOP and a women's DBT program. I believe that any manic or mixed manic woman ended up sent to the DBT women's program after hospitalizations. The co-ed therapists didn't seem to want bipolar women. They took bipolar men, though. So, bipolar women have "emotional dysregulation" while bipolar men don't? Kind of a sexist assumption, no? Anyway, I got NOTHING out of DBT when I was manic. It was a waste! But now that I'm stable, I see some value in DBT, but as I wrote, no more than just about any person on the street might.

I, too, refuse to ever return to a DBT program. My psychiatrist knows that. Besides, after four stints in one, I think I'm more than qualified to teach the skills.If I had to sit through a fifth time and fill out another one of those sheets I'd puke on it. Or if manic, even worse. In two cases, I even felt I was being punished for being manic. One ended up scared by my rebellion and quit me.

I'm sorry I sound angry. I'm perfectly stable and happy now, but looking back it burns me up!
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