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DBT was a reminder of skills I've learned over the years. But it all boils down to a few tools. It doesn't matter how much you think, when your in the middle of an episode, CBT, DBT, therapy groups, they can all do more harm than good. Last time I did DBT they opened what a call Pandoras box. Life past that I've realized I'll never have again. They taught otherwise, that any things possible, the futures not written. That did a lot of damage and took a lot of time and work to get my thoughts dreams and hopes squashed back into the box.

I guess the thing to remember with DBT is it's not bipolar specific. I had it in a group setting, as i think most do.My group had everyone from alcoholics to victims of narcissists. One size doesn't fit all.

Truth be told I was lucky enough that my DBT teacher had a bipolar partner. I learned more from her than the course itself.
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