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Default No psychotic disorder (Where should I post?)

Voices insulting me, voices threatening me, things inserting thoughts inside my head, inserting images inside my head, looking inside my head because my skull is transparent, screaming inside my head... Which freak me out, but somehow I am managing them well enough to keep going with my life. Partially it is thanks to the two meds I take (Prazosin and a tricyclic AD), though my diarly life still is almost a nightmare (anguish and happiness put together)


These voices are not my people, their description sound psychotic, but it seems I don't completely lose contact with the real world (just partially and doubt a lot).

Ohhhmmm...It seems I have some kind of dissociative psychosis or psychotic dissociation, it resemble to psychosis but there is not a total break from reality, and at the same time, it doesn't fit the description of alters (at least these type I call "voices", because they are just voices, not people. I have people too, and I know they are dissociative folk, but the voices? I don't consider them part of "me/us").

So I don't have any diagnosis anymore.

-No psychotic disorder
-No personality disorder (I asked my doctor)
-No ASD (I already now it)
-Yes to ****ed up human being who hallucinates and dissociates (Which is??? I don't seem to fit any current criteria, 100% sane)

"It is better to think about symptoms and not diagnosis"--->What my dear doctor said.

I am glad I am now sane AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA

Do I keep posting here? Do I move to another subforum? Do I ask the Admin to creat a subforum called "Crazily sane"?
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