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Default Menstruation, dieting, and commitment to not binge

So I have been very successful the last few weeks keeping a healthy diet, with small portions sizes, and keeping my intake to an average of 1500 a day. With my daily exercise, I burn anywhere from 2500-2800 calories a day. Without it, around 2000.

I began menstruating this morning, and the urge for comfort foods is super strong. I guess I can just ignore it until it passes. I do have a food addiction. But I am seriously craving a whole bunch of chocolate. Typical, right? Also craving like mashed potatoes and other carb heavy foods.

I've allowed myself to increase my calories for the day, just acknowledging this is a hard day for me biologically. But I can't decide the best use of those calories and what I can do to satiate my urges without breaking the streak of good habits I've set up. I feel like if I allow myself those foods, it will be like relapsing with binge eating and food addiction.

Maybe the best thing is to just stick to my diet but eat a little more, and still not allow myself the things I'm craving, which I'm addicted to, and which I can live without. Like, I have these little mochi ice cream things for dessert. I have 2 a night. I could allow myself 3 tonight to satiate myself, but wouldn't be terribly breaking anything by doing so. Or maybe I stick to it as usual, and add a little additional half serving of protein with dinner to fill me up?

I really want chocolate right now, and if I could figure out how to manage a portion of what I want without binge eating, I would do that. But I can't. Like I seriously want to buy and eat a whole box of chocolate. Chocolate isn't usually my comfort food, so I know this is the menstruation speaking.

Ug, if I wait too long to decide I'll just end up binge eating anyhow!

So stressed and it's only about food!


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