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Default Re: My Kid is Almost 34...

Originally Posted by possum220 View Post
When was the last time that you or your husband didn't call her and she phoned you instead? Sounds like the emotional connection that you have is strong. Maybe it's time to have a face to face discussion about what might be going on and sort out what are helpful amounts of contact.

Thanks for taking the time to reply, possum.

I didn't call my daughter 3 days ago and she called me. Yesterday she called me earlier than we usually talk.

She and her dad have an agreement that he calls her for a quick hello 3 times a week. (Part of the reason he calls our daughter is because she helps him with something he has to do for a business we run. The calls are always quick, though.) He got mixed up on the days over the holiday week-end and forgot to call her. She was concerned, and told me she missed speaking with him.

I am thinking that I must have explained the situation incorrectly in my OP. Really, the phone calls are not the problem. The phone calls are actually a bright spot for all of us. My daughter enjoys checking in with her dad and I (whoever does the calling)...she seems upset herself that she is never with enough time, and is extremely stressed.

Neither my husband nor I are the types of people to drag out a telephone conversation that needs to end; in other words, we certainly don't "hold" our daughter on the phone when she needs to get going. I'm not sure why the phone calls have become a major focus of this thread.
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