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Default Re: My Kid is Almost 34...

Originally Posted by unaluna View Post
That was probably partly my fault. Sorry. Reread your original post - you say she kinda yells at you on the phone calls. Thats where i got the impression the calls go on maybe a little too long? Idk. Otherwise, when does she say these things?

Thank you for your post, unaluna. I really appreciate it.

No, she never yells on the phone or at all. She's not the kind of person to lose her temper, ever.

From some of the replies on this thread I am realizing that I've been underestimating the amount of work my daughter has, and the stress she's coping with, as she works for her PhD. I am understanding that now. I have accepted that it is not personal - it is, in no way, about me.

The hurt I feel is when my daughter "cops an attitude" toward me in terms of her communicating to me that, in so many words, she feels slightly "superior" to my husband and I because she is So Well Educated. YES, I am immensely proud of her - tremendously so! However, I don't like being told that my generation doesn't "understand" today's world. I don't like when she says my own education - both college and self-education - is "outdated" or insufficient. It is irritating, annoying, and hurtful when my daughter acts that way toward me.

I fully realize that I just need to wait it out. She's in a place in life at which she either believes, or is telling herself to believe, that she has life all figured out and tied up in a nice box with a ribbon on it. Yet, she has so far to go in terms of real life experience. I can see that, my husband can see that, but of course, our daughter cannot understand it. A university education is a great thing, but it doesn't replace things like....being up all night with a sick baby...taking your chronically/terminally ill mother to her doctor and sitting right there in the exam room with her...going through the deaths of your parents and sibling...and so on.

I think I am just venting in this thread, more than anything. Looking for support while I wait patiently for my daughter to freakin' mature, LOL.

Thanks, my friends
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