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Angry Mom Ruined Trip

I think NPD is where this goes...

Mom ruined my trip.

I planned a trip out to see my sister and her kids this summer.

This is such a complex,long story, I canít even type it.

Long story short, there was a showdown between Mom and I over her coming along anyway, even though I told her I donít want her to and I refuse to take her. She yet again told me yesterday that she is coming. So I am canceling my trip.

It ended badly with me telling her Iíd never speak to her again. Not the first time. Will it be the last?

But I decided to call her and say that I forgive her due to her being mentally ill for having done this to me. Of course, this will instigate further war.

What shouldI do? Iím definitely canceling the trip because she made it all about her. Even if I go (with my two kids who were really looking forward to this), it has such a damper on it. Iíll obsess and feeel guilty. Canít enjoy it.
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