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Default Re: What is wrong with me?

I will try my best to help you. Remember I am not a psychiatrist or psychologist.

1) Anger, or irritability as we call it, is a non-specific (meaning that it can occur in other disorders, less severe, too) symptom of anxiety. So don't worry we've got you covered, it may not be anxiety and just neuroticism (which is different from a disorder. It's just a personality.)
. By my experience anxiety doesn't make you angry at all, in fact scared of other people. It's I think more common in children before their anxiety onset begins.

2) Unable to navigate is a sign of poor cognition. Which can be caused by anything ranging from fever to brain damage. But I suspect high stress. If I turn out to be correct it's temporary.

Here are a few points to consider.

- You are too stressed to think clearly.
- You cannot stop mental illness by just wishing it will go away. It's biological. Just as cancer and infectious diseases. So stop blaming yourself.
- Despite the fact I mentioned above, you CAN and often SHOULD stop lashing out at others. I understand if high stress triggers that (I talk to people that don't exist when it does) but you can always stop harming people if you manage your anger.
- You have insight that you are clingy. It means you are overly attached to someone (that does not mean your brain is malfunctioning or you have a psychological disorder.) .
- I'll tell you something personal, I am choosing whether or not go into pharmaceutical sciences. If I do, I could academically become a pharmaceutical scientist, and if I turn out to be competent (that's around 14 years from now) you may see my name appear on the newspaper article that has the title, "Scientists discover effective pharmaceutical treatment for personality disorders" or even possibly "ALS cure discovered by scientists."
I have terrible cognition. I have even worse social skills.

But that doesn't limit because I don't let it limit me. I actually should have been sent to a special school when I was around 13. I didn't go, simple, went to a normal school, then will in a normal college. Simple as that. Person with Disability? "N.A" And I am not the only one who has terrible cognition. So.... even if you think you're overly attached to someone (I think you are) don't panic, you get the point....

Don't worry about ANYTHING in the world. It's not worth it. Why? Because worrying inside and doing nothing outside is effectively going to blow your neural circuits. Not to mention I suffer from grandiosity, and possible thought disorders (although I do not know how I could have insight in them.)

All I can recommend is googling tips about psychological issues you know. Ask your doctor about what you may have or may not have. Keep a journal that does not include confidential information.

Helpful links.

Psychology Today.
Mayo Clinic.

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