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Default Re: Experiences starting Lamictal?

i take 200mgs/day. my current shrink is adamant that people with my label/diagnosis/form of Bipolar I need 200mgs, minimum. On the plus side, he tapered and stopped the trileptal, which...I now kind of suspect was making depression more frequent and more severe. bummer.

my other psych drug is Abilify. Both help. I think its a 70/30 split...Abilify takes care of the "please commit that individual"-level crazy, the lamictal helps pull my mood up to a decent baseline and also (somehow...) keeps agitation under control, more so at 200 than at 100.

My former shrink said he had some patients on 600mgs/day. I'm hoping they had epilepsy. One problem with the anti-seizure drug is that they work quite well for some people, but some other people develop new or more severe psych problems. True story. I guess my advice would be to work with the prescriber, find a new shrink if yours is not so great (seems to be a fairly common complaint, actually...), and adjust lamictal or anything else slowly, hopefully 1 drug at a time (if you're cocktail-ing, like most psych people are these days).

hope this helps. good luck.
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