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Default Do I have dependent personality disorder?

I think I might have this disorder, but my therapist says I don't have a personality disorder because people with personality disorders don't get along well with others. I think I started out with avoidant personality disorder, then got dependent personality disorder. Then I think I got obsessive compulsive personality disorder until I got schizophrenia. Then I think I got schizoid personality disorder. I mean I rarely get mad and sometimes I have to act mad so people don't think I don't get mad. When I was at the state hospital I never got mad even though people were spitting in my face, pushing me, hitting me, yelling at me, peeing on the toilet seat and making me clean it up, and keeping me up all night with whale calls. I also don't like sex. I don't like to have sex and have no interest in having it. Do I have a personality disorder?
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