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It depends on your height, but that doesn't sound healthy at all, particularly if the weight loss has been rather rapid and if you have people around you concerned and saying you do not look healthy.

I'm not one to talk since I've dealt with eating disorder issues since college. Goals like those can just keep sprialling out of control. I'm 5'5". When everything started, I weighed around 135 lb., not really overweight, maybe about 5 lb. but only due to having a small bone structure to start with. I dieted and thought, I'll stop when I get to 120 lb. Got there and figured, I'd go to 115 lb., then to 110 lb, 100 lb., 95 lb., 85 lb., 80 lb. It just never stopped. The whole time through I thought and felt I was fat. I got very weak and malnourished, had issues with my heart and all my electrolytes were thrown off, passed out a couple of times and felt like passing out many others.

It is good you are getting helping now and not waiting until later. The longer something like an eating disorder goes unchecked, the harder the recovery.

But, that being said, you have to want to recover to, or what works in the short-term will quickly be undone.

As someone who has dealt with this most of my life, my advice to you is to face it head on and get over it as soon as you can. I realize I am a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Oh, and I pretended I was trying to recover for years and years, lying to the dieticians about what I was eating, using tricks of the trade to weigh in more, getting myself and all my skinny pictures of myself plastered over all the pro-eating disorder boards out there (and yes, there are plenty of them if you know where to look and what to say to join them).

I hope your appointment helps. Unless you are super short, 116 lb. is probably too little for you.

Though to be honest, yes, I still like it when I lose weight. I get some stupid messed up triumphant feeling inside when I go to the doctor and weigh less than the time before. I was doing very well 5'5" and 120 lb., jogging most days 3-4 miles until I lost a ton of weight with a perforated ulcer, requiring invasive surgery, and part of a procedure akin to gastric bypass according to the gastroenterologist (which is just what someone with a past of anorexia needs, it's really rather ironic). So now I'm underweight again, weighing around 102 lb., I'm not sure, that might be an anorexic BMI for my height, even given that I have a small bone structure.

I got osteopenia from the whole thing, and have broken my little toe something like 5 times now. Great fun.

I hope your upcoming appointment goes well. Please listen to what the dietician and nutritionist have to say and try to follow their advice. I don't know your age, but you can end up doing very serious damage to your body - that's how I got the osteopenia, because I ended up losing my period for over a year, and I was maybe 21 at the time.
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