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Default Re: a nice story for the littles

once their was a zoo

this zoo was famous for one thing- leo the lion.

leo the lion would perform shows every day, and all the people who came to see him would take photos of him on stage.

one such person was billy

billy loved the zoo, and would visit every day, just so he could see leio the lion

well, one day the zookeeper had some sad news.

he'd heard from africa that leo's mother had a cold, and she'd requested the lion to go back to africa to be with her.

" her last cold lasted 2 years," leo roard. " I will be gone a long time"

the zookeeper sighed. he had no idea what he would tell his visitors next week.
days went passed. the word got around about leo, and people stopped coming to the zoo.

one day on his way home from the park, billy saw the zookeeper

" I don't know what to do," the zookeeper said. " leo was our star atraction, nothing will be able to save the zoo now."

"I'm on it," said billy and he ran home to his house.

that was it, he thought. nothing could save the zoo

that evening billy made posters with a random animal drawing on it, and these words: come to the zoo, to see the amazing new animal!

by the next morning, he was going about town handing out these posters to everyone. some people doubted him, some even laughed at him, but billy remained calm and focused

the next morning at the zoo was the busiest it had been for ages.

the zookeeper went to open the gate, and billy told him about the new animal

" new animal?" he asked, " what new animal"

billy addressed the crowds

" attention zoo," he said. " introducing, the amazing new animal!".

it didn't take long for the crowd to realise what billy was doing, and they all started taking photos of the stage

" when I said nothing would save the zoo," the zookeeper said, " I didn't think this would happen."

billy just smiled

" the zoo is saved," he said.

and from that day on, crowds flocked to the zoo to see the amazing invisible animal.
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