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Default Re: i must have ruined my therapy

Originally Posted by BudFox View Post
Was in this situation and then analyzed it on my terms, and concluded that it's a form of institutional abuse and exploitation... provoke strong feelings in client, coax out (implicitly or explicitly) disclosure of those feelings, then reject client in some fashion.
I'm not a regular in this forum but I saw this and thought, yeah, can apply to any transference. And is a form of abuse, and exploitation. Also institutional betrayal because the notion that it is "safe" to feel and express your feelings in therapy is now a lie.

Maybe it applied more in the old days when blank slate psychoanalysis was about the only therapy.

But definitely not now.

So sorry, you are still dealing with this stuff. I'm still dealing with horrible feelings, too.

My issue was more idealization, not love, and not sexual. But I don't think you ruined the therapy -- it was ruined, the therapist was ruined, before you got there. What's lost is. . .something else. . .wishes, beliefs, etc. that it would be different, maybe. Maybe another therapy could help with that, idk. But I've found more help on PC, with other people who feel, and have been, betrayed in different ways, even though I tried several T's since my last therapy ended 2 years ago. Therapy, and the idea of therapy, mostly turns my stomach these days.
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