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Default Re: the Cheeze and Whine thread... come complain~!

my sleep this week has been very irregular, i've been up after 3 or 4 hrs sleep, at dawn... not caring for that... tired all morning til i go back to bed for a couple more hours... this is not usual for me, i usually just stay up til dawn and sleep til noon...

well, honestly, there is no 'Usual' for me and sleep... i never know when i'll crash and burn, but it's usually for at least 6 hrs, sometimes 11~! zzzzzzzzzzzz

got to go to the eye doc friday for a glaucoma check... i've had 3 or 4 retinal bulges since last October (seeing flashes of light, having 'floaters' in the right eye). i went to the eye doc right away when the first one happened, and the doc did say it wasn't a rupture, but referred me for the G test... i don't know why, he does it right there in his office... i got confuzzelled, and gave up... shame on me~!
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