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Default Re: In Session Today: Part V

Originally Posted by JaneTennison1 View Post
I called her and left a voicemail mid panic attack last week. I thought she would be angry, the point was that I always present like I'm fine but never tell the truth and I wanted her to hear a moment that wasn't so perfect. I went in to my session nervous and before I could say anything she thanked me for sharing such a vulnerable moment with her and that she valued that we could work together on this. She took it exactly how I intended. I wasn't calling because I expected her to fix something there and then, I just wanted her to know the extent of my anxiety so we could work on it.

I don't know what to do with T understanding so well. It really disturbs me.

Wow, that's great that she understood your purpose in calling her and thanked you for it. That was smart of you to do.

And I get what you mean about being confused your T understood so well...I'm guessing you probably aren't used to others in your life (whether now or in childhood) understanding so well?
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