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Default ADD returning?

I found out I have ADD 3 years ago. Changing what I eat helped me tremendously, to the point that I stopped considering meds. It made my life. I weren't less focused than the average person (almost), and it was amazing!
Suddenly, it's not enough. I've started working from home, and it's a job I like, but I can never get to it. I'm asking myself to do stuff, but it's like the "order" can't leave my brain to connect with my body. It's horrible, almost as if I'm in chains. What is happening to me? This is just a part-time, but freelancing is my dream... at this point, I'll ruin my life
I study graphic arts, and this job is on the same subject. But I rarely had issues of getting things done for class. I'm starting to have issues with my personal projects, too, wasting time over minor stuff over and over (wasting more time than usual ) Why is proper nutrition not good enough?
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