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Default Re: I Feel Like I Can't Love (Romantically)

to continue, i think maybe you just havn't met your soulmate or rather best friend yet but you have your whole life ahead of you. i am 57 yrs old so you are probably alot younger than me, but i believe in true love and even though i am not with my true love, i am married to someone who cares about me deeply and someone who saved me after i lost my true love. i had to say no to marriage proposal to the one i loved with all my heart and he said it was now or never and i walked away because i was in a vehicle accident and didn't want to put my health problems on him. i almost died and he never even knew i was in an accident. as i was walking away he said to never look back because i broke his heart and i let him go on with his life. i ended up on a pshch ward for a few months and on and off of them. whee i met several people who cared for me in the rest of my life.i even have a son from a toxic relationship where i had to leave because he was an alcoholic then i met my husband who saved me from him.
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