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Default Re: Difference between social anxiety and AvPD?

Originally Posted by Snap66 View Post
Everyone avoids, everyone withdraws when sad or depressed...
We don't have a patent on that so, yes, they both read simular but the differences is in the response and reaction.

A person with SA is basically in charge of their own thoughts and triggered into varying degrees of dire straights by certain events, circumstances etc.

AvPD is personality, we don't have thoughts that haven't been induced by AvPD. (every thought!)
The Avoidance has shaped us into how we think, act and behave.
Since early childhood we have been mentally groomed, following and learning not from our parents or caregivers, but AvPD because that is/was the only thing that is constant and dependant in our lives. (there is a bit more to that as well)

That shaping of maladjusted thinking becomes our psyche with reinforcement to keep a tight grip on us.
Think about it if something so terrible was easy to escape from then we wouldn't be influenced as we are.

AvPD is recognisable on here and that's why we are quick to pick up those who don't have the disorder. That early childhood and onward AvPD nurturing is obvious as its like a accent or signature in, like I said their response, and reactions.

SA and AvPD can be worded simular as they are both Anxiety issues, but one has ongoing impact even during times of quiet where the other needs a match to ignite.

Your psych will work with you and cater your needs accordingly.
I'm really sorry about the wall of text.
Apologies for the thread resurrection, but your post seemed to provide a good opportunity to avoid repetition via a new thread (although I'm also referencing info this related PC article)...

Is it possible to have both SA & AvPD simultaneously?

I have an essentially constant presence of self esteem issues & anxiety with interpersonal interactions and have had these for as far back as I have conscious memories. However, their degree varies - by external situation, my internal mood (dysthymia & MDD) & my ability to suppress.

I've been prescribed buspar for the SA, which had a positive effect, insomuch as it tended to allow me to be more assertive - this in turn, allowed me to engage in interactions I'd otherwise have been inclined to avoid, but it did not really seem to reduce the presence of the associated anxiety - I was better able override it & thus, the anxiety felt less significant.

I also experience similar anxiety for situations/activities that aren't necessarily interpersonal, but instead apply at an intrapersonal level. Again, the presence is essentially constant, but the degree of effect is variable. Maybe this fits entirely within the domain of self esteem issues, but it gets real hard to separate symptoms from the various diagnostic labels...
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