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Default Re: What kind of ADHD is this?

My 15yo son recently had a neuropsych done as well. He crashed and burned after labor day weekend last year upon embarking on his 1st couple of weeks at a really intensive AP level high school. Transferred over to the public hs albeit still in honors classes but went into utter refusal. Which led to a third transfer, testing, summer credit recovery and just beginning his second year with a school that has copies of this report and the means to get him skills he needs.

Your OP struck me because of the iq but low organization and perfectionism and an inability to know how to sort papers/files/emails etc. He has social anxiety as the predominant dx with combination adhd and adjustment disorder. I sit with him each week with his guidance counselor. The dx came over the summer so the lessons in learning to organize/focus have only just begun.

Tip from yesterday was regarding his inbox. He has last years emails sitting there. (this is a public but online school 1st in this state only 5yrs new). His assignment is to click on last years and hit archive. They will still 'be there' but out of sight. One of his teachers has a project for him to work on called a focus board. I haven't sat and looked at that assignment yet to give you the tip from it. But I'm sure it's something of a useful tool.
ADHD was the big surprise of the testing. I think even the Dr from that office was surprised, gathering how he focused in our meeting on showing me the part of the test that brought this to light. If there is 1 thing that I do know about adhd is that it is neurological in scope. I say this because when I would see either my neuro or pdoc there were patients that I knew outside their offices that came in because of adhd and they weren't seeing my pdoc, the only pdoc there. I'm probably digressing. I am glad to see adhd being posted about like this because as a mom it gives me a little insight into feelings/emotions on the topic and how I can be a better supportive caregiver.
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