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Default Re: Erotic transference or just a quirk?

I think what you have described sounds very normal. I also think that maternal/paternal/erotic/negative transference/s are all connected, I don't think it's necessarily helpful to split them up. Think of how babies experience being nurtured, fed & touched. Babies experience arousal, excitement, joy & contentment when their needs are being met. So it's not surprising that you are experiencing some of that too.

What happened with your former T, that you are afraid will happen with this one?

These days I'm on the fence as to whether it's best to stick it out or leave, with regards to erotic transference... but if it starts to become a theme, maybe it's something you need to work on with the right therapist and maybe your current one is the right one?

"I'm just thinking about her, wanting her to see/know what I'm doing." - Do you think that you might just want her to see you for who you are?
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