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Confused My whole life has fallen apart

I've had a really hard last year. My father passed away suddenly when I was travelling overseas and I had to move back home with no money and no job. I was completely ripped out of the life I was living and dumped into my worst nightmare. I've been through a lot of hard times in my life and have always been able to pull myself back together...not this time.

I struggled on for 10 months trying to rebuild my life, and then I just snapped. Tried to overdose 2 weekends in a row, had to quit my job, have gained heaps of weight, lost most of my friends, blown through all my savings....

I'm currently being assessed for ADHD by a clinical pyschologist who is 99% sure that I will be diagnosed. Has anyone else had a similar journey as me? I've heard it's not that uncommon (particularly for women) for people to only be diagnosed after a massive life change. Has anyone been able to put their lives back together? How did you do it?
Kate // 22 // NZ

Clinical depression
Generalised anxiety disorder
Disordered eating
Self harm and suicidal ideation
Abusing illegal drugs and prescription medication
Borderline personality traits

Waiting on a pyschometric assessment to confirm suspected ADHD

Current medications - 150mg bupropion twice a day, 0.5mg lorazepam twice a day

Current goals - lose 30kg, find a job, quit smoking, cut back on cannabis use, figure out what the hell is wrong with me....

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