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Originally Posted by KTMC95 View Post
I've had a really hard last year. My father passed away suddenly when I was travelling overseas and I had to move back home with no money and no job. I was completely ripped out of the life I was living and dumped into my worst nightmare. I've been through a lot of hard times in my life and have always been able to pull myself back together...not this time.

I struggled on for 10 months trying to rebuild my life, and then I just snapped. Tried to overdose 2 weekends in a row, had to quit my job, have gained heaps of weight, lost most of my friends, blown through all my savings....

I'm currently being assessed for ADHD by a clinical pyschologist who is 99% sure that I will be diagnosed. Has anyone else had a similar journey as me? I've heard it's not that uncommon (particularly for women) for people to only be diagnosed after a massive life change. Has anyone been able to put their lives back together? How did you do it?
Sorry to hear your dad passed away and that you are having a terrible last few years! The only thing that helps me is to take it one day at a time and set short term goals for the day or the week. Making myself get out and exercise and also making myself socialize helps some too. Good luck with your short term goals and hope things get much better soon!
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