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Originally Posted by nj_hi View Post
Are they biological diseases even when it's just because the person's point of view has become very narrow? Or even when the person has lived alone for so long that they've started making up their own imaginations?

Sometimes, I wonder whether the neighbour's are really disturbing us, do I just notice it less? Living with my mom seems to either have changed me too, or maybe I just don't notice it much? I'm saying this, because it does seem odd about the amount of noises people make in their homes here, even without kids. Like, it's 2 AM in the night now, and the one's living right in front of us are blowing their asses off on their cooking (in India we have a pressure cooker that makes some sort of whistling noise while running I don't know if you have that too) - but all the same, it seems odd I think? Or have I also started imagining things? Isn't it odd, I tell myself, that people have started banging doors so forcefully that the whole apartment building shakes for a second, instead of closing them? Or, again, am I just imagining things? Paying too much attention to the noises now, that I've been listening to my mum for so long? Can you help me with this?

I'm getting a bit mad myself, it seems, or I'm just seeing now more through my mum's eyes than mine.

Anyway, she won't go to a psychiatrist. Agreeing with her on every point (and disagreeing only VERY GENTLY) is the only way she stays calm.
Well I do not know how to categorize mental illness, (I am not yet a medical student) however, there's a disease called psychosis in which person loses contact with reality (starts to believe in their imagination) and it's a very biological one.

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