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Default Re: Erotic transference or just a quirk?

Originally Posted by Ididitmyway View Post
Technically, yes, it's erotic transference and while it's normal in the context of therapy (meaning that it's understandable why such things happen in the context of therapy), this is not something I would recommend people to work with. I am yet to see any case when this thing was resolved successfully meaning that the client benefited from it.

I don't think your T will freak out if you tell her, but I also don't think it'd benefit you to tell her. So, I understand why you wouldn't want this to go beyond the point it is now. I wouldn't either.
So as a therapist yourself, what do you think the op should do? Leave a therapist each time any sexual/romantic feelings come up? I'm not sure how keeping difficult feelings from your therapist is a step forward. Of course, we can choose what we say and when we say it but if something is eating us up, isn't it best to be honest? Would you want your clients to keep troubling thoughts to themselves?

Have you seen a lot of cases end to end, which involved a client's romantic/sexual feelings towards their therapist?
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