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Default Re: Those Stories You Want to Tell

Originally Posted by randomer123 View Post
In middle school, I was bullied a lot, mainly by these 3 girls. One day my bag wasn't on the peg in the cloakroom and I was looking all over for it and when I went around the back into the toilet area, my bag was in the sink and the tap running. Maybe the bullies didn't realise the bag was waterproof so it was pretty pointless. I assumed it was the 3 girls, because they were the main ones at the time.

Then another time, I went into the cloakroom at breaktime and these 3 girls were hanging around near my bag with a very suspicious look on their faces, especially the "main" one (the one that seemed to be in a charge and the other 2 just followed). I knew they were up to something, it was obvious, and I wondered if they were going to put my bag in the sink again, maybe this time open it, or even worse put it in the toilet.

Then the bell rang and we all went to class. Then at lunchtime after lunch, I went to my bag to get my sweets and they were gone. It was so obvious it was the 3 girls, and that's obviously what they had done when they were standing around looking suspicious. I told the teacher and of course they denied it so I got told off for "accusing them". The teacher was standing between me and them, and when she turned around to tell me off the girls started laughing silently and making gestures. When the teacher turned around, they pretended to look innocent.

Oh how I hated those girls.
Bullying of any kind hurts more than most people know.
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