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Confused Schizotypal or not?

Hi everyone!

It's 3am here, and my mind is full of thoughts, and it usually is. So now im gonna try and share here, and see if any of your answers can settle my thoughts for tonight.

2 months ago a Chief Physician at the psychiatry i go to, said that she strongly believe i suffer from Schizotypal personality disorder. But she wasn't completely sure, and said she had to think about it, and now yesterday she sent me to Special Physician that specialises in disorders in the Schizofrenia group.

So i know most arent, if even any of you are qualified in answering this, but i would love to hear your opinions on the following.

So i have suffered from anxiety for years, like 7 years(diagnosed).
Within the last 2 years it has become worse and evolved.

My thoughts are constant, i dont stop ever, only when i sleep, which is like 3-4 hours per night.

I have cut off all my friends, and currently only talk to my family and one friend over my pc.

I dont see the need for more friends, as they could potentially hurt me. That is why i value the anonymity of this forum.

I im constantly afraid someone is gonna break into my apartment, and thats when im home and outside. It often leads to panic attacks. I often have to check my front door 4 times, before i leave to be sure i actually locked it.

I hear floor boards squeaking, doors slamming, people in the distance talking but i cant hear what they say, mise or rats running in the walls, and probably something i forgot now.

I dont like going shopping alone anymore, as i have had experiences where my plan didnt go as planned, and that resulted in a pretty severe panic attack, so now i shop my mom for emotional support, which helps a lot.

I feel bugs crawling on me 10s of times a day, to the point i have to try and brush them off.

I feel like i see silhouettes in the corner of my eye at times, not often, but maybe a couple of times a day.

I recently started having thoughts, that my family which is nothing but support of me, has started to dislike me and talks behind my back when im not there. Even though i know they would never do that.

And lastly for now, i feel nobody likes me, and wants to harm me in any way they can, and definitely doesnt want me to succeed.

I hope someone read through all this, and is willing to give there 2 cents on all of this, and whether or not they feel i could fit into the Schizotypal category.

And i want to thank you in advance for reading a quick resume of my current self!
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