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Default Re: Good and Bad Karma

Originally Posted by golden_eve View Post
Since I've had a LOT of misfortune and repetitive abuse in my life, to the point of the extreme, I used to believe that somehow, I must have earned it in a past lifetime. Past life Karma coming back to me. I once had done a past life regression whereby the spiritual advisor told me I had been abusive in my last lifetime.

That's not what made me believe it was karma in action, though. It's the long-standing and very bizarre chain of events and circumstances that kept repeating themselves which made me believe it was negative karma at play. Many abusive bosses, many abusive men... too many to count. Over and over and over again. It was like I had a magnet on my forehead. After a while, you begin to wonder what's going on, when it's a long-standing pattern as such. Abusive men, Ok, yeah it's familiar and maybe you become attracted to that, but abusive bosses, too?? Very strange to have had both. It could have just been bad luck.

On the flip side, this year, I have had a landslide of good fortune and amazing things happen, all for the better, and all positive. Literally, one good thing after another has been happening in my life this year. Everything has suddenly turned around, and all for the better.

So what suddenly changed? Did my good karma in this lifetime finally catch up with me and come back to me? Had I served long enough in prison from bad karma? Did I right the wrongs?

These are rhetorical questions I am asking. Who knows what the real truth is. The universe most certainly works in mysterious ways, ways in which we cannot even begin to understand or know. I certainly don't understand, nor would I claim to understand.

However, I am tending to think that because I started a movement for greater positivity in this world and greater happiness, and since that has spread like wildfire, that I am earning good karma. That is not why I did it though. I simply wanted to send a positive message out to the world, and I genuinely wanted to help people to live happier lives.

I think I do believe in the saying "what goes around comes around", which is the same thing as karma. Put positive, loving energy out there and see what happens. But negative energy out there and see what happens.

So what do you believe? Do you believe in karma? Do you think negative energy comes back at you and vice versa?
I think sending out prayers or good thoughts and giving words of comfort are noble and good things that are always worthwhile... The older I get the more I value the simple kindnesses... above all else nothing is better than kindness. I have no idea where it goes or if it comes back but I do believe itís possible to create a powerful, positive energy. ❤️
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